Clearing Out

Fiber, Ink | Design is a blog about the various things I create, whether it’s with knitting, sewing, or graphics.  I’m an irrepressibly creative person.  This is where I write about it.  Or not.  I have two dogs, two cats, a husband, a full-time job, a mountain of laundry every week, and an opinion on nearly everything. You never know what might show up in this space.

First up:  Coming to terms with my Stash.  (Yes, that’s a capital-S.  It’s not that my Stash has a name; rather, it is because it has an enormous ego and therefore demands constant attention.)  I have fabric (silk, wool, cotton, and some unmentionable synthetics) and yarn (the same); paper, ink, and books; patterns, plans, hopes and dreams.  It needs to be sorted by what stays and what goes.

Second up:  Coming to terms with the UFOs (that’s UnFinished Objects, for the uninitiated).  I believe I have more than 30, and that’s just with the knitting.

After that we’ll just have to see what happens.

Or, not.