Six Shades of Cream

6 shades of cream

There are nine sets of fabric strips (2″ wide) here; six in a variety of cream/white combinations and three in shades of tan (the darkest one is disappearing from the bottom of the frame). These are the fabrics for the wedding quilt.  I am still working out the layout, but I can still sew the strip sets while I decide the fate of the blocks.

Each fabric was a 1-yard cut, so this will likely be a queen/king size.  Planned purchases of fabrics make constructing a quilt top a lot faster than sorting through odd-sized scraps, as I was doing with the red/brown/black/gold/green swatches from my scrap heaps bags.

Reds Greens Blacks

These bits, sorted by length, will eventually make it into a smallish quilt, probably something comfy to throw on the sofa, but it will take a long time to get it from the cutting table to practical use.  There are bits in here from the quilt for my sister Marcy, a carpenter star quilt I finished recently, a king-size quilt worked for Marcy’s son and his wife, and two or three wall-hangings I made for other people over the past 10 years.

Odd lengths means I will have to plan well to use up the scraps.  This is a challenge I enjoy because I love the colors and I love seeing how one plays next to the other.  These are boldly colored scraps so they will need some care in how they pair up.  It’s the kind of thing I enjoy sorting out on a rainy day.

The wedding quilt, however, with its shades of cream and tan is a very different kind of puzzle, one where I have to wait until nearly the end to get the full effect.  In stressful times I enjoy the delicacy of the neutrals, the subtle differences of hue produced by the size of the white ink on the cream background.  There is so much variety in those six shades of cream, and I can see that variety as plainly as I see the variations of red in all of the scraps above.

Color is a wonderful, blessed thing.