This is how I’m working the layout of blocks for the wedding quilt. I use Adobe Illustrator. There are 9 fabrics, so I chose colors that are closest to the fabrics, then I labeled each and work out the blocks. After that it was a matter of laying out the color sequence (in this case a gradient).

Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. I’ve also worked out how many strip-blocks there will be (see the nine groups of four at the bottom) and I know how many blocks I’ll get from each of these.

What’s not included in this (yet) are some 16-square blocks I’ll make from the leftovers that will spice up the inner circle. Addition of those blocks will affect how the remaining blocks are used to create the keyboard border. And then I’ll work out how to use what’s left after all of that for either pillow shams or throw pillows.

In the past I have used Excel spreadsheets (nice grid format) as well for planning colors and working out designs. It’s a more accessible option for people who don’t have Illustrator or who don’t know how to use it if they have it.