Sidetracked Again

I swear at times that I must have some form of creative ADD.  Or else it’s that there is some sort of compounded output of ideas that occurs when I’m in the middle of creating things.  I’m nearly finished with a cardigan that I want to submit to Knitty; I just started figuring out a quilt for Bree (the wedding isn’t until October, so it appears I’ve got time), and then today I got the idea to design a cabled pullover for another friend, Jos.

The cabled pullover is something of a gift.  I will submit it to Knitty when I’m done with it, and God knows the idea for this particular cable has been brewing for some time, but it really comes because I wanted to do something nice for Jos.  He’s a gifted photographer and he recently did some photos of me and my DH and our dogs that fill my heart with joy whenever I look at them.  So I wanted to give him something, something from me and my hands and my particular talents that would give him joy.  And then I remembered this one design that’s been swimming around in my head.

And then I sat down to work on the cable design this evening.

And then I had an idea of how to improve the design so that it was as robust as the image that inspired it.

And I can’t post a damned thing about it!  Alas!  I’d love to show it to you, but these things have to remain hushed up until the Knitty editors accept or reject it.

Trust me:  It will be beautiful.  It all came together tonight.  I’m going to knit a swatch now and start doing some numbers.

Until the time comes that I can post photos of the pullover, enjoy this wonderful photo of our dog Chance.  He’s a black Lab and he’s hard to photograph because his coat is glossy black.  But Jos did it.