Try, try again . . .

Center Star smallThis little star has been kicking my ass.  There are 16 pieces, each with a finished size of 2″ x 2″.  When stitched together (at last!) it is 6.5″ square before being inserted into the quilt top.

Part of this construction is fairly easy.  It is comprised of 12 half-square triangles and 4 squares.  Even with something as small as 2″ squares, half-square triangles are fairly easy, but a little bit of slip even by 1/16″ can throw off the alignment over all.

I’ve used this technique (half-square triangles) in larger dimensions with good results.  Especially if you use a small-scale print, it’s an effective tool for creating the illusion of more complicated piecing.

But on this little star I’ve ripped back and readjusted three times in several places.  It’s still not perfect — I think that is an accomplishment only for gods (and people more patient than I am) — but it is very, very close.  It is good enough that I will use it as the center block of the bridal quilt I am working on.  It is the hardest part of the whole quilt top, and now it is done.

I can move on. 🙂