Autumn Reading

Autumn ReadingThis is the stack of books on my nightstand.  The bottom three I’ve already finished.  These are books 2 (A Letter of Mary), 3 (The Moor) and 4 (O Jerusalem) in the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes series by Laurie R King (the first is The Beekeeper’s Apprentice), which I highly recommend.  They are more on the order of suspense than mystery, but they will do.  I have books 5 and 6 of the series on order.

The four on top are the newest additions.  Murder on the Leviathan and Wicked Autumn came from a link I found on the Facebook page of Charles Finch (he is the author of the Charles Lennox series, which I cannot recommend highly enough).  There was an article about 10 books a person might like to read if he/she enjoyed Agatha Christie, and Finch’s first book in the Charles Lennox series, A Beautiful Blue Death, is at the top of the list.  There is also a book in the Inspector Gamache series by author Louise Penny (another favorite), entitled The Cruelest Month.  The first in that series is entitled Still Life.

As I was searching for used versions of the books above, I came across something called the British Library Crime Classics series of books.  The two books I purchased, The Lake District Murder and Mystery in White, were written in the 1930s, each by an author I’d not heard of before.  I’ve started in on The Lake District Murder.  It is, so far, an easy read and more in the police procedural style.  Both books come with a foreword by a current author.  Both seem to be the sort of cosy mysteries that were common in that golden age of detective fiction.

So, bring on the colder temperatures and the rainy weekends.  I have books to enjoy!