Reading Follow Up

Well, I’ve read most of the books that were in my stack.  I must say that I’m quite enamored of the Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes series (Laurie R. King).  They are more suspense than mystery, but I like them very much.

Lake District Murder iAutumn Readings a snooze-fest.  I enjoy reading old Perry Mason series books by Erle Stanley Gardner.  It’s an older style of writing, but still entertaining to me.  But Lake District Murder is an older style of writing and it is annoying!  It’s talky and plodding; makes me want to scream, “Get on with it!

Mystery in White, another in the British Library Classics set, I started but discarded in favor of a few others.  I am still withholding judgement.  I couldn’t get myself into it, but that was (I think) because I was wanting to read something else.

Murder on the Leviathan (Boris Akunin) was OK.  I had figured it out before the end, but I kept reading it because I expected it to get better.  I was wanting more of the detective’s background; instead, it was a cast of eccentric characters.  I’m not interested in reading other books in this series.

Wicked Autumn (G.M. Maillet) was a fine, modern cozy.  The writing of this first book was jam-packed with wonderful references and puns!  I went on to read the other books in this series:  A Fatal Winter, Pagan Spring, and A Demon Summer.   In perusing Goodreads, I see that there is a fifth book in the series, The Haunted Season.  I’ll be looking for that one soon!

At Christmas I treated myself and my husband to the Song of Fire and Ice series (George R.R. Martin) in paperback.  I’ve just started on the first book, Game of Thrones.  I like it.  I love the way this man writes!  The novels are thick — both with pages and with plots — but never dull.  If ever I am stuck at home in a blizzard, I’ll have my books and my knitting!