How I Get My Sorry Arse to the Gym


Last Monday I promised myself I’d get my sorry arse to the gym.  I’d gone into work early (it was a holiday, but there were things I needed to do), I ate a decent breakfast, I’d run the one errand I needed to run.  But I didn’t want to go to the gym.  I was tired (lack of sleep), but that wasn’t the reason, either.  I just didn’t want to start on this journey.

Crowbar #1:  Call a friend.  Talking to someone, saying it out loud:  That makes it real.  I have to own up to my sorry excuses for not doing what I need to do.

Crowbar #2: Drive to the parking lot of the gym.  This was what the aforementioned friend (the one I called last Monday) suggested, and I found that it works.  I don’t have to go in.  I just have to be willing to drive into the parking lot.

Crowbar #3: Try just 10 minutes.  This one came from another friend, and I like it.  If I still feel like crap, I can stop after 10 minutes.  If I feel good after 10 minutes, I can continue.

This week I have promised myself that I will drive to the gym every morning before work, and on Wednesday and Friday morning I will actually go in and try for 10 minutes.  Driving to the gym in the morning helps to set the pattern for changed behavior.  All of it is a practice of being willing.

I don’t believe I will ever love exercise or going to the gym, but I know from past experience that I will like the results of the effort.